The Project activities will be developed through 9 Workpackages (WP) which are strictly inter-depended in order to assure coherence and maximise the effectiveness of the whole QUADULTRAINERS’ actions.
Project management (WP8), Valorisation and Dissemination actions (WP6), Exploitation (WP7) and Evaluation, Monitoring and Quality Assurance (WP9) can be considered transversal activities along the project life-cycle. Those WPs accompany the project development and assure that: the project is monitored, managed in a cost-effective manner and meet the quality criteria identified as well as project intermediate and final results are valorised and disseminated in a continuous and stable manner. QUADULTRAINERS Project Partnership believes that management, evaluation and dissemination should be and have to be embedded in all project activities and not only performed in specific and strict schedule time.
WP1 (Awareness Raising and Network Building) and WP2 (Open Review and comparative Analysis of the state of the art of the existing qualification and competence framework) will be carried out almost in parallel. The WP1 will activate the following DEV Wps (WP3, WP4, WP5).
Within these WPs (1 and 2) all the project stakeholders will be involved in order to set up a consensus building mechanism on the intermediate and final results as well as promote a participative co-design of the main project outputs. In other words within the WP1 a Concertation Seminar is envisaged in order to design outputs which are relevant, coherent and immediately transferable and applicable in the different contexts. The QUADULTRAINERS network is the source pool of the project.

The Concertation Seminar serves different purposes:

a) support the design and the development of QUADULTRAINERS outputs through the identification of need, priority areas for certification and the collection of existing qualification and competences frameworks across Europe with especial reference to the trainers of adults.

b) promote the dialogue amongst different actors and visions of identification, recognition and certification of competences for Adult trainers.

c) assure sustainability and dissemination of the project output.

As far as the WP2 is concerned, project partners will carry out a desk research both on the FSS as well as on other relevant learning territories in which the competences of Adult Trainers/Facilitator are playing a key role. In particular the research will focus on identify and mapping specific regulations and existing certification/accreditation solutions in Europe.
WP3 (Competences Framework) will be aimed at designing a model of competences for adult trainers which will allow the establishment of consistence standards, the promotion of quality, increasing assess, transfer and progression opportunities and being able to understand and compare qualification at a European level. The qualification framework will allow certification of knowledge and skill that a trainer has achieved through study, training, work and life experience.
The main output of the WP4 (European Qualification Prototype) will be the European Qualification Prototype which will be constitute of:

  1. A clear description of a qualification specific to the FSS.
  2. An explanation of a process to certify those competences (Methodological Guidelines). The methodological guidelines will support the adoption, the contextualization and the correct usage of the system.

The European Qualification Prototype will be tested and validated through a piloting activity (WP5). After the piloting face a transferability plan will be design in order to assure that the European Qualification Prototype, will be immediately transferable and usable (WP6)