Innovative Aspects


The project original contribution to the vocational training systems of the countries involved as well as in Europe stands in the development and testing of a qualification prototype. On that sense, the project will develop:
a) an unique competence map which will identify the competences required for the profile of Adult trainer.
b) Starting from the map, the project will design a qualification Prototype which will present a fully developed qualification for the specific banking sector (rational, knowledge and skills required, indicators of competence performance, outline assessment requirement) and a set of guidelines which present not only the methodological approach adopted but, and even more important, will  contain the elements of communality and difference within sectors  which will allow the prototype to be adopted in different learning territories (corporate learning, tertiary education, Virtual professional networks, Learning at workplace).
Therefore the project not only produce a prototype which represents a new solution and a concrete answer to the needs of improving transparency and recognition of qualification and competences of adult trainers but also foster inward and outward mobility of teachers and trainers in Europe and offer an important contribution to the overall policy of Life long learning and quality assurance of vocational training systems.